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Join KnowAVet
at our
Veterans Resource Tent

at Convoy of Hope San Jose

All Veterans, Active Duty, and Families are invited!

Meet your Santa Clara County Veteran Service Officers, & San Jose Vet Center and  V.A. Counselors along with 80+ non-VA service providers.

Bring your Questions & Calendars And Learn How to:MAXIMIZE Medical and Financial Benefits and Services for you AND Your Family - From Cash to Free College for your children; discounts at hundreds of locations; up to $600,000+ in mortgage assistance; Free Legal and Financial services; Free Job Training and Certifications, and on-site, vet friendly employer interviews; Free and low cost services from Child Care to Long Term Care;  Housing assistance and addiction programs; and FREE safe, fun on-site babysitting while you are in our tent having in-depth conversations with people who want to help you get to your best civilian life – and so very much more!
And that’s just some of what is inside our huge vet tent.  Outside you’ll find: 70,000 pounds of free groceries for everybody; Free shoes for kids; Free haircuts for everybody moral support and more.
Come be with hundreds of fellow Veterans AND their families.

Join us at the Know A Vet, Veterans Resource Tent at Convoy of Hope!

 Please RSVP below, so we can plan for your arrival.
Then just come to the stadium on November 23,
and we'll see you in the Veterans Resource Tent

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Come to the ballpark, then look for the KnowAVet Veterans Resource Tent

We look forward to having you with us!
If you have any questions, please email Dean McCully

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