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Child Physical Abuse Unit - (PACE)




Address: (map)

San Jose CA

Telephone: 1-408-792-2543


Description: "Whenever possible, child victims of intra-familial sexual abuse and severe physical abuse and neglect are interviewed by a Multi-Disciplinary Interview (MDI) team composed of professionals from the Office of the District Attorney, San Jose Police Department and the Social Services Agency Department of Family and Children's Services (DFCS). An MDI protocol was developed among the three agencies to coordinate investigations of potential crimes involving child victims, when a juvenile court petition and criminal charges are likely to be filed. A Child Interview Center (CIC) has been designed for the purpose of avoiding multiple interviews among the various agencies involved with the event. All law enforcement agencies in Santa Clara County may use the CIC for investigative interview purposes. A Standing Court Order, dated 1/13/03, allows for the sharing of information between law enforcement agencies and the DFCS. "

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