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We strongly recommend that your first contact be your local Veteran Service Office VSO. VSOs are free, paid by your state to fight with you and get every penny of benefits you are owed by the V.A.
The VSO for your Zip Code :

*** California Association of County Veterans Service Officers
Web: http://www.cacvso.org/
Telephone: 1-844-SERV-VET

Give them a call today. They can help!


FEDERAL: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Web: https://www.va.gov/
STATE: New Jersey Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs

FEDERAL: Nearest Vet Center

Web: https://www.vets.gov/facilities/?address=&facilityType=vet_center

Aunt Bertha - Community resources based on your zipcode and issues
Web: https://www.auntbertha.com/search/text?postal=0&language=en

2-1-1 Information and United Way
Web: Call 2-1-1 from your phone to be connected to your state and local information services.

Search for State and County Resources Near You
Overwhelmed? We have all been there! You can Request A KnowAVet Champion to stand by your side...

* 911 First Call for Help
Phone: 911 TTY (Text Telephone for the Deaf): Dial 9-1-1 and press space bar until someone answers
** 911 Ambulance; Fire; Hazardous Materials - (HAZMAT); Highway Patrol; Paramedics; Poison Control; Police; Rescue; and Sheriff ,

** 2-1-1 - Alameda County - Eden Information & Referral
Phone: 1-510-537-2710
570 B St Hayward, CA 94541 (map)
"For over forty years Eden I & R, Inc. has been tracking information about Health and Human Service Providers in Alameda County. It has always been our goal to make that information available to anyone who needed it. This Resource Finder provides yet another means for achieving that goal. The comprehensive source of human service and housing;information and referral for Alameda County...."

** 2-1-1 - Connecting Bay Area Residents to Current Health & Human Service Information
Phone: 2-1-1 or 1-408-248-4636
*** 2-1-1 First Call for Help ,
Connecting Bay Area Residents to Current Health & Human Service Information - Available 24/7 in 150 languages; the 211 helpline connects callers with hundreds of programs to help people find food; housing; health care; senior services; child care; legal aid; volunteer opportunities and much more. Instead of multiple calls leading to dead ends; people can make one call to 211 and reach a trained specialist who assesses a caller's full scope of needs and matches them to the right services. 211 also assists during times of disaster; providing those in distress with critical information about evacuation routes; food and shelter. Bay Area 211 is operated by United Way Bay Area; Eden I&R and Contra Costa Crisis Center. Together we answered more than 191;626 calls last year. For more information; visit 211bayarea.org

** Santa Clara Network of Care for Veterans
"The Network of Care for Service Members, Veterans & Their Families is a one-stop-shop for virtually all services, information, support, advocacy, and much more. This public service is an attempt to bring together critical information for all components of the veterans' community, including veterans, family members, active-duty personnel, reservists, members of the National Guard, employers, service providers, and the community at large."

*** State Government - Find your California Representatives -
*** State Government ? Find your California Representatives - San Jose, CA
You can find all of your elected officials at this website.

**** Bay Area Food Banks
Phone: 1-800-870-3663
**** Bay Area Food Banks San Jose, CA
"A network of 10 San Francisco Bay Area food banks, including ours. Alameda County Community Food Bank, Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano, Napa Valley Food Bank, edwood Empire Food Bank, SF-Marin Food Bank,Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties,Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County,and Community Food Bank of San Benito County"

**** Other Counties outside of Santa Clara County
*** Other Counties outside of Santa Clara County San Jose, CA
"KnowAVet is located in Santa Clara County, California. So most of the resources listed are in Santa Clara County. However, we have lots of resources outside of Santa Clara County as well. Click any of the links to see lots more resources."

**** San Jose Community - Soup Kitchens
San Jose, CA

**** San Jose Community - Veterans
San Jose, CA

**** Santa Clara County Veteran Service Office VSO
Phone: 1-408-918-4980
68 N Winchester Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95050 (map)
"The Office of Veterans Services is a County & State funded agency established in 1944 to assist veterans, military personnel, and their families in obtaining federal, state, and local benefits accrued through active duty military service. "

Getting Started
*** Getting Started San Jose, CA
Don't know where to start? Try these great resoures:
In Crisis? Start Here
Veteran Center Counseling Sessions
Make The Connection - the premier VA website full of local connections
2-1-1 The place to start if you have no idea where to turn

Group Counseling at San Jose Veteran Center
Phone: 1-408-993-0729
*** Group Counseling at San Jose Veteran Center San Jose, CA
The San Jose Vet Center (SJVC) offers both individual and group counseling. Each has it's own types of benefits for you. See the SJVC website for session schedules. There are other sessions and activities as well; that are scheduled less frequently; or seasonally. HOWEVER; the only way to participate in these sessions is by first meeting with one of the SJVC counselors; for an initial talk about your needs. Please call 1-408-993-0729 to enroll and get details.

Phone: (833) 566-9283
Neil Lichtman
550 Moreland Wy Apt 2615 Santa Clara, CA 95054 (map)
"We know that even though you are home, a part of you will always be ?back there?. How do they know? Because we are combat vets too. And, they are here to help you get back to your best life, FREE and CONFIDENTIALLY."

"We know that even though you are home, a part of you will always be ?back there?. How do they know? Because we are combat vets too. And, they are here to help you get back to your best life, FREE and CONFIDENTIALLY. "

Make The Connection - VA
*** Make The Connection - VA San Jose, CA
"Prime resource for Veterans. No matter what you may be experiencing, there is support for getting your life on a better track. Many, many Veterans have found the strength to reach out and make the connection. Use the site filter to discover information and Veterans' stories of recovery tailored to you."

SJCC Crisis Helplines
http://www.sjcc.edu/AdministrativeServices/Documents/Crisis Helplines.pdf
*** SJCC Crisis Helplines San Jose, CA
A great 2-page PDF listing many at-a-glance resources

Veteran Census Info
"Census data for Bay Area Counties. ~County=% of Population=Total Veteran=Male=Female ~Solano County=10.80%=34,019=30335=3684 ~Sonoma County=8.40%=32,396=30699=1727 ~Napa County=7.60%=8132=7441=691 ~Marin County=7.30%=14870=13971=899 ~Contra Costa County=6.80%=55788=52260=3528 ~San Mateo County=5.60%=32505=30344=2161 ~Alameda County=5.30%=63880=6025=3855 ~Santa Clara County=4.60%=64096=59618=4478 ~San Francisco County=4.10%=29633=27810=1823 ~TOTAL=x=335,319=258503=22846"

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KnowAVet.org does not endorse nor recommend any of the organizations listed here. Organizations are listed here merely as a reference. This resource guide focuses on programs available in Santa Clara County, California, though resources from some other counties are included for reference. KnowAVet and Friends of the Vet Center makes no warranties or recommendations about any of the services or information contained in this guide. As programs sometimes change, check with the individual organization for updates on the services they offer. For more info, see www.knowavet.org
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