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Free Greeting Cards for this time of COVID-19...

KnowAVet is organizing a big cheer-them-up card campaign
to enable young people to make custom thankyou cards for
healthcare workers, first responders, volunteers, senior citizens and shut-ins,
and anybody who could use some cheering up.

You can print blank cards
Then color cards and add personal greetings.
Then scan them and email back to me at:
Dean McCully

Don't have a printer or scanner?  Email me and we'll work something out.

Downloadable Cards in PDF format are Here:

A card would look something like this sample:

Sample Card

Thank you so much for your help making cards and keeping moralle up!
Please pass the word on to other leaders and teachers...

Be Safe!

Dean McCully, Founding Director, Know A Vet?
or call 833-566-9283 x 714
211 Hope Street - P. O. Box 698
Mountain View, CA 94042

KnowAVet? is an all-volunteer, IRS approved, FREE service to veterans and our families.  We provide information and assistance, to aid veterans in learning of 60+ issues we have earned help for, and how to access that help, through government and/or community resources, for our best possible life after deployment.

Links to individual cards, for reference